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Room 314 is the home of the 2020 Senior class. In our first month together we created portraits for each other and decorated our door to make sure everyone could see our personalities before they even came inside. 


Two years ago, we all walked into a room with white walls, white desks, orange chairs, and concrete floors. We were both familiar and unfamiliar with each other, as people, as designers, as Arby’s advertising aficionados. And so, Studio 314 began, with a few missing lamps, cabinet keys, and a slight miscommunication about the seating chart.


Our collective personality manifested early as we made plans to paint the walls, decorate our workspace, and create a group chat full of selfies and Elmo memes. If there is one unifying trait about our class, it’s that we observe, ponder, and try something new to better represent who we are. Permission to paint the walls? Let’s make that a two-tone accent wall at a diagonal. Need exercise for those constantly seated designer bones? We’ve got a studio scooter to boot. Has it been a stressful week and/or does it happen to be a National Holiday? Don’t worry, Tara or Taylor M brought home-made snacks.

Graduation and senior showcase canceled? Good thing we know web design.



What’s a quirkboard?

No formal definition found, sorry, but for us it’s a memeingful place where we’ve collected bits and pieces of our memories, personalities, and general interests in a physical space. It began with a story about smelling the meats working the morning shift at Arby’s and grew from there. The Quirkboard has no limits or expectations, anyone can contribute. Over the 1.75 years we spent in studio, it became a talking point to showcase who we are as a class and what we care about.

A culmination of who we are.

Since you can't experience the magic of the Quirkboard in person, we decided to bring it to you!

Click around to create a digital version of the Quirkboard!*

*Refresh the page to clear the Quirkboard

our passion projects + initiatives

vox graphis - the voice of graphic design at uf

Vox Graphis is the graphic design student group at the University of Florida. As a club, we give tutorials, bring in designers to talk about their experiences, host portfolio reviews, and travel to design studios both in and out of state to get a taste for what post-grad life may be like. This past year, we continued the pop-up shop fundraising initiative by selling student-designed stickers, buttons, and prints during Art Bash 2018. We took this to the next step by officially adopting The Fridge (a previous shop that sold student work) as our mascot, regularly hosting events across campus, and expanding our product line. Since college students go nuts for stickers, we’ve garnered a pretty loyal following now on Instagram.


Vox Graphic Pop-Up Shop at Ligature 29


Nashville Vox Trip: Q&A at Redpepper

Every fall, Vox road trips to a city in the Southeast to explore the design scene and connect with some local agencies/firms. In the past we've gone to Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston, etc. and this year we took a fantastic trip to Nashville, TN! We got to explore the city, eat the best vegan fried chick'n you've ever tasted, and visit some amazing design firms and advertising agencies.

In the spring, Vox takes a day trip to check out some more local design hot spots. Even though our spring in-state Vox Trip was unfortunately canceled (thank you Miss Rona!), we're excited to see the tradition continue next year!

ligature - annual graphic design symposium

Ligature is a weekend-long design symposium that features an exhibition of juried student design work, social events, as well as lectures and workshops by internationally recognized guest designers. Run entirely by University of Florida graphic design students, the weekend of Ligature is a celebration of all things design.  This year we were honored to host Tad Carpenter and Meg Lewis as our guest designers and new friends.

This event has become a gathering for alumni, designers from the Gainesville community (and beyond), and world-renowned artists who visit to share their insight in a rapidly evolving industry.​


Workshop hosted by Tad Carpenter


Juried show gallery opening

A focal component of Ligature is the juried show, which attracts hundreds of designers, students, families, and alumni. Members of the senior class worked together to bring the gallery space to life. The logomark was hand-painted on the wall and custom vinyl was used to decorate and bring personality to the gallery.

The VoxGraphis Pop-Up Shop featured designs from our senior and junior class and limited edition Ligature 29 risograph prints. There was also a live screen printing station for one-of-a-kind Ligature 29 tote bags.

we love ligature!


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