Hali Reeves

favorite typeface: Circular (bold)


Although it didn't happen in studio, it happened with my studio besties: My favorite memory is going to Payne's Prairie with everyone. We had to go for Brian's class in order to explore, so we decided to all go on the same day and make a fun activity out of it. I'll never forget climbing up the rickety steps of the watch tower and looking out over the prairie, or marching down onto the trail at golden hour and seeing the prairie open up before us. After such a stressful year, it felt like the perfect release of pressure where we could all just run around and laugh and have fun with eachother, without having to worry about typesetting or colors printing wrong or Photoshop crashing.

RGB or CMYK?:  CMYK (for printing accuracy, duh)

MY SIGN: Aquarius (sun), Leo (moon), Pisces (rising)

Hali Reeves is a visual designer with a passion for anything that's playful and punk. She loves creating design work that is authentic, expressive, and experimental, and is a firm believer that print is not dead! Hali likes to approach each project by asking questions, taking risks, and creating innovative design solutions that tell a story. She draws inspiration from come from punk culture, street style, and postmodern art and design. Her main goal, in design and in life, is to make others feel comfortable in their weirdness, just like she is. Hali spent her senior year as the Creative Director at TEDxUF and Ligature 29 Co-Chair, and hopes to next find work at an agency or design studio in a city with a rich creative community. She's so open to whatever opportunities come her way and is most excited to continue to learn and grow as a designer. When not designing, you can find Hali practicing her British accent, reciting facts about punk design that nobody asked for, or begging her roommates who are allergic to cats to let her get a cat.

Here are some samples of my work:

"I Thought You Didn't
Even Like Leaving"
Album Redesign

A reinterpretation of an album that has a cover that doesn't do it much justice: Prince Daddy & The Hyena's I Thought You Didn't Even Like Leaving. This project features a system with heavy dark colors and a lot of gritty textures to relate to the emo angst of the album, but also added some friendly faces to reflect the vulnerability and interpersonal nature of the lyrics.



​​Subversion is an interactive book that explores Postmodern design from the late 1960’s through 1990’s. The book pushes user experience to its limits through unfoldable pages, pop-ups, etc. similar to the boundary-pushing ideals of free expression and deconstruction of form found in Postmodernism.

Converse 2019 Annual
Report Microsite

This project's challenge was to put a spin on the traditional annual report and make an interactive micro-site that would enhance user-experience and hold interest. This microsite has a bold visual system to encompass Converse's new brand direction of skateboarding, artist collaborations, and most importantly: street style. It navigates the balance of style and information and was prototyped in Invision Studio. ​

A link to the Invision prototype: ?




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