Sarah Cantor

favorite typeface: Monument Extended


Solving the Mystery of the Vandalized Portrait! It took a lot of commitment and careful detective work, but my hunch was right and we were able to crack the case in record time.

RGB or CMYK?:  RGB all day

MY SIGN: Scorpio (and proud)

Sarah Cantor is a visual designer, excited to create engaging user experiences in both digital and physical spaces. She’s inspired to produce energetic brand identities, exciting interfaces, and user-centered experiences. Her work can be defined as bold, colorful, and definitely a little rebellious. Sarah thrives in a collaborative environment where she has the freedom to take risks and experiment along the way. Constantly gathering creative energy from the world around her, Sarah’s main sources of inspiration are music, fashion, and technology.

If she’s not in the studio, she’s probably either making pad thai, thrift shopping or reading her horoscope.

here are some samples of my work:

Church of Scars Album Redesign

Based on my interpretation of the album, Church of Scars is about a cyclical relationship that's toxic at its core, but impossible to stay away from. The album tells a story of someone who fights to understand their own worth and stand up to the person who keeps putting them down. In the end, it seems like Bishop Briggs learns how to be strong on her own, but she falls right back into old patterns. My goal for this redesign was to capture the energy and emotions of Bishop Briggs through bold photography and a cohesive visual system. The album packaging includes a double-sided vinyl, a laser cut sleeve, and a lyric book complete with commentary from the artist herself.



404 is more than a glitch in the simulation, it’s a doorway into a hyperrealistic paradise. It’s a channel into a reality defined by boundless surprises and exploration. At 404, you should do more than get lost in the sauce. You should experience music and art like never before. 404 is all about electronic music and people who love a heavy beat. This event is a celebration of the genre and where it all began. Part music festival. Part art exhibit. Part speakeasy. All the information you need can be found on 404's website, but you'll have to do a little exploring.


C.A.R.L is an immersive and interactive tour experience centered on the University of Florida campus, designed in collaboration with UF Libraries and MINT Design Studio. C.A.R.L stands for Collections through Augmented Reality Learning, and combines augmented reality technology with the university’s rich history to create a tour experience like no other. Use the app remotely or on campus, and follow along with the historian-approved digital tours. Contributors: Kendall Brandt, Janelys Camelo, Sarah Cantor & Ian Costello


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