Taylor Mcgee

favorite typeface: Gotham


Picking my favorite studio memory is hard because of all of the countless nights (equal parts work and chaos) I’ve spent with my best friends until 5 AM or just straight through the night until classes the next day. One memory that sticks out is the night that me and Janelys fought with brooms while simultaneously hula hooping and rollerblading as Briy and Hali cheered from the side. Another night that I adored was the night that the four of us danced to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 16 times in a row at 3 AM. I’ll never forget the loud and terrible off-key harmonizing or all the many nights we rollerbladed together up and down the halls of FAC (sorry faculty) :0. Studio gave me endless stress but also endless joy and laughter and pure happiness and I’ll never forget my two years and thousands of hours in FAC 314.


MY SIGN: Libra ☉ Cancer ⇧ Taurus ☽

Taylor McGee is a graphic artist and music lover. With curiosity, empathy, and experimentation at her core, her work is constantly pushing boundaries while staying rooted in authenticity.

As a creative, she crafts meaningful experiences that connect companies to individuals and individuals to each other. She's invested in purposeful art and design that tells a story and creates an impact.

In her work, Taylor believes in bold, fun, dynamic design that leans on playfulness in ideation. Her personal style explores colors, patterns, and textures. Taylor has had a lifelong romance with live music, vintage 70’s shirts, and the art world— She's infatuated with the funky, unique and unapologetic. Her colorful style can adapt to fit any project.

A Gainesville native looking for a move, she's headed to Atlanta in the near future! She's looking at studios there and hoping to connect with other creatives in both the music and design industries. Right now she is currently hosting her own creative project on instagram called #pitchforkproject and is inviting anyone and everyone to join her in the fun!

here are some samples of my work:


Ontour is an app prototype designed to help fans see their favorite artists on tour more easily. Using her own experiences from camping for shows as research as well as interviewing several of her friends who attend shows frequently, Taylor was able to create an app prototype that is truly user-centered and fan focused. From her research, she was able to identify the most important information fans need to be able to follow a band on tour or plan a concert trip, and designed an all inclusive app that also makes it easy to connect with other fans attending the same shows.



Pride! is a Heads-Up style card game centered around the history of the LGBTQ+ community as seen through a designer's lens. Pride highlights important works and artists from a marginalized group that is left out of the traditional design canon. It features an instruction booklet and 50 foldable cards across two decks (designers and designs), which sit in the game box. Pride! branding is heavily influenced by 70's aesthetics because this was the decade when Pride movement began and expanded massively. The brand as well as the gameplay is meant to embody the lively energy of the community it reflects.

Gone Now

Gone Now is an album redesign for the sophomore album by Bleachers. Bleachers is the official stage name of musician Jack Antonoff. Within the album Antonoff explores the concept of the passage of time and the feeling that all moments are fleeting. He explains this feeling of loss and confusion associated with the passage of time. Antonoff talks about what it feels like to lose something or someone, and afterwards not knowing how to move forward, where to go, or where to call home. The redesigned cover is Taylor's visual interpretation of the themes within the album. She also designed merchandise that reinforces her concept and pushes it even further conceptually.


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