Tiffany Tang

favorite typeface: Didot


My favorite studio memory the presentation of our album redesign projects! We all worked so hard to create amazing products that represented our personal love for music. The results were outstanding and listening to each album's music brought each design to life. It was emotional seeing our class's hard work pay off in beautiful deliverables.

RGB or CMYK?:  Depends on the medium of the project but RGB for vibrance where possible!

MY SIGN: Aries ☉

Tiffany Tang has done it all: multimedia, UX/UI, environmental, and brand design. Her strong abilities in typography, layout, and minimalism motivate her to explore the world of professional design. Her focus is mindful design that explores the how and why of beneficial decisions. It is important to her to have a positive environmental impact that is driven by the good of the product user. She has a passion for teaching hand lettering workshops with hopes to contribute knowledge of art and design to her community. Tiffany loves being a graphic designer because it's her medium of creating positivity in the world.

Here are some samples of my work:

redux 003 by kaskade

Album redesign of Redux 003 by Kaskade. The black and white color palette comes from the album's original packaging. The milk imagery is created from the lyrics "pour the milk" on the album's hit track The Diner, this took place of sounds waves traveling through speaker cones. The visual imagery amplifies the beats of house music. 

Final deliverables: Tri fold vinyl sleeve, Screen printed bandana, Spotify track player, and canvas audio visualizer. 


kaleidoscope vision

Kaleidoscope Vision is an online publication of an in-depth case study on Kaleidoscopes. The book covers the history, build, impact, and evolution of the artistic tool. The colors are indicative of the rainbow spectrum that's present in kaleidoscope images. The typography illustrates the reflective nature of the kaleidoscope.  The illustrations dive into the scientific and mathematical principles that allow the production of infinite symmetrical images.

adobe 2019 annual
report microsite

A microsite designed to deliver Adobe's 2019 annual report in a visually stimulating and concise format. The challenge was to understand and interpret large word documents of statistical information to organize the content in a digestable system. The information is broken down into sections: experience, facts, financials, and responsibility. The page colors are color picked from Adobe's program branding. 


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